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netmaid not only offers a powerful searching facility and a great user interface to employers looking for maids, NetMaid is also a comprehensive database system for Maid Agencies to manage their primary assets - the information about their maids.

As a maid agency, you will have full and secured access to your bio-data over the Internet. You can withraw maids from public viewing/searching simply by a click of a button, make changes to online maid information anytime, add maid bio-data, including insertion of passport and full-size pictures, insert YouTube video of your maids anytime and anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. You can also generate standard MOM format bio-data in PDF with a click of a button.

If you do not already have a website, we will provide a website to you (examples:,, If you already have a website, we will attempt to clone your existing website as much as possible to retain the look and feel (examples:,, If you have a domain name and want to keep it, you can (examples:,,

If you are a maid supplier, you can store unlimited number of bio-data into NetMaid, and selectively copy/transfer any bio-data to any agencies you wish, so that the maid agencies have no need to key in bio-data on their own, saving tremendous effort and time. You can also generate standard MOM format bio-data in PDF and send them to agencies that are not subscribers of NetMaid.

NetMaid has benefitted many maid agencies, large and small, over the last decade, that is why we are the largest maid portal in Singapore.

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